Friday, January 11, 2013

a thought

I just happened to question my feeling good emotions  and suddenly lessons of introspection peeps into my mind and I questioned my mind hey dude! Why are you so happy. And with possible recollection of my most recent memories I remind myself  neither I got 8.47 sgpa , nor was presented by mr president nor was gifted a new bike nor a kiss from my girlfriend ,  neither I have contributed  in anyway to remove corruption , poverty from society nor came out of a 1hr deep meditation. Perhaps I am simply blank with  no reasons and yet happy , feeling so much of love within .
And then I thought now time has come to reason out the difference between present state and when I am in some other state. Now I need to drive my subconscious with my consciousness . I have to think , I have to tell my mind if I  need no reasons to feel the bliss then why not continue being reasonless atleast try it consciously .
 Seriously and I am sure many of would have sometime felt like this and may be not because you forgot to take notice of it. Lets strengthen our consciousness to recognize when we are in positive state , reason it out , continue with it. Because this state of bliss is motivating me to accomplish all those reasons to amplify the present state. The reason to get 8.47sgpa , a kiss from her , make a ngo , contribute to society development , indulge myself in deeper  meditation , and let love which I am feeling within to wander outside and share with the world. And when it happens it’s the simplest logic ever and when don’t it remains a mystery forever.

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