Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And so i lost , defeated but yet succeeded ........

Well it has been 18 years since i came into this world... and the biggest disappointment till date has been underdog performance(low rank )  in JEE 2010. for 1st few weeks after the result i thought its the jee'S or to say my luck's mistake..but after analyzing long i came to this that, i always had Fear of failure , success an everything.. this had a such a negative impact that it destroyed my 2 year long hard work...and many more expectation..
                    FEAR FEAR N FEAR WAS MY last 2 year journey......which soon poisoned  my hard work and finally destroyed it.. I dont know from where this drop of Fear came into mind and soon it was the victim..Till class 10th i never had this fear of failure ever..But then suddenly in class mid of class of 11th Fear came and fu*** me.... Fear soon lessened my confidence and efficiency.. I soon came under the burden of my surrounding's expectations.. I used to think what will happen if i lose , if i get low rank , i am not able to solve all etc etc and etc.........And like this always...i feared to see the solutions.. i also enhanced my silly mistake and carelessness which really played a superb role in helping me to get such a low rank in jee.. I almost did 100 number silly mistake.. and mind u the supreme power was still fear.. and as long as u have fear inside u cant have god there..And so i lost...
                               But mind u i still won and succeeded...because i know why i failed.......i know it was the fear which defeated me.. so here am i to take it as challenge..And surely wherever u are "fear" u r gonna lose soon.... so mind it...i just have to see my goal .. and nothing else and thats it..
                think less and so fear less dude.And u will cherish always............Like i have started now in most of the cases.. But still a lots of improvement  is required...AND I M GONNA DO IT.....

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  1. must quote Mark Twain here-Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.


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