Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Feeling good.....

   Well i don't know if i have got "jaadu ki jhappi or what" because i am just always happy and cool these days....even if i get some disappointment or something like that it remains just for next 1 min and then it suddenly goes off... well its really ridiculous but giving me the non stop happiness.. Well few months ago i used to have loads of tensions for small small reasons which really used to be a big headache for me..
       but now after not being able to study at IIT ( though i was qualifier 6339) i don't know why i feel even more comfortable , happy , free , confident.. Its really amazing i guess.
              Perhaps i have learnt to manage my ego ( the biggest  evil ) and know that happiness doesnt come from success or reasons but happiness gives rise to reason and success ( wah ye to quotation ban gayi --hai na??)
   May be i am gradually and steadily able to know that yes there is something very deep then this body , something far more important , something  that is really worth divine always telling me that you have got the every right to enjoy every moment , you have everything what it takes to be happy , smiling , laughing alwayss...So why to be upset , sad and etc etc..
                               Before this i often used to be upset or taken aback by my father's scoldings (and mind u my papa really humilates u so harshly during his scoldings)..But now i just let him do  and forget as soon as ends his scoldings..Also it very rarely matters me what others say...i am in my own world...and i am loving it .  i dont know why but i am enjoying.. still a lot to learn and it will take a while before i get perfection in this..
        still sometime i take seriously other's nonsense..  which i know soon will be past........and i just wish this from god..."LET ME CONTINUE THIS"  because i know if i have this attitude and this smiling face always i will be able to do anything and get anything.  And soon i m gonna start my mission...  and still i know it wont change me.. i will be what i am now "ever laughing , smiling , happy  , sometimes sad though( but kabhi kabhi aansooon nikal jaye to uski bhi alag hi baat hai) "
                         So   I   will go on on on on and on forever................................................

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