Monday, July 11, 2011

And I am crying and suddenly confused for why i am crying……….

Well its strange na infact pretty strange , sometimes I just  start crying spontaneously and then while I am in the midst of this cry I get confused why I am crying.. isn’t it madness or very weirdly strange. Its not that I am always crying neither crying always without reasons ( better will be to say crying with the reason which my consciousness is unaware of) . just like now. 

I began writing this post because as I was  listening  to one the songs (from yes boss “ek din aap”)  suddenly I felt like crying and in seconds eyes got wet. But  one thing which I am assure is ,  while I was crying (till few minutes ago) what I noticed was that I was not at all sad means there was no sign of grief atleast  my consciousness couldn’t remind me of that. Infact I felt better and fresh ( as last few days had been destructively bad for me ,  so these sudden tonics means a lot to me and I just don’t want to escape these rare drops of freshness and feel good factors and sharing with you all just extend this process a little longer so that I can be in this state a little longer as well and may be after that as well) and this is my current status as well.  
Well  I have got loads of reasons to cry infact everyone of us have, just the matter of putting on the desired switch. But what bewilders me,  this whole makes me even more fresh , and installs this feel good factor once again within me.
I know all these seem so out of blue and weird .But what can I do if all these happens with me ( well it happens with everyone , everyone has got so many differences in them ,its jus that some are more exposed and some a little less , both being equally correct) and I just can’t be away from expressing it. :):):):):):)

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