Monday, August 22, 2011

2ND year begins not with a bang but with hope not with blast but with joy not with excellence but with betterment :)

Well its been days since I wrote here. May be its been days since I found time for myself and only for myself. And now finally feel  like writing  again and yet again the topic remains mystery and will be decided at the last (just like we do In unseen passage where e are told to find the title after reading it).

Its almost 1 month since I became a successful and fully 2nd year( that is with no back papers) electrical engineering student. And the branch name again starts intriguing me. Will I be able to carry this for another 3 years with honesty to myself and subject too. Reason being I never had the habit of studying for just scoring marks ( saying this I am not at all trying to put shadow on 1st year marks) and that also when you know whatever you are going to study these 3 years will rarely interest your deep soul sitting inside the mind. That is I will have to just whitewash the whole syllabus for another 3 years leaving aside few topics. And of course I am no Newton and no Einstein who will be lost in his own fantasy .
 And so a sense of  anxiety has started to prosper simultaneously in my mind  and trying like anything to displace the long settled peace  , smile , dream within and so strictly following the Pauli exclusion principle.
But as has been the history in my case these cold wars always resulting in favor of latter one though results most of the time were contrary to what I had expected and  fortunately these all  didn’t disturb me long because my "self" and "unconsciousness " had always "jaadu ki jhappi for me" .

And so again a hope in fact this time stronger then ever before has blossomed inside my garden which of course its not to get "cgpa 9" ( which still I know I cant get because I was never made for it) and neither the love for a princess ( for which i am made i think :P). It will take a while to reveal this in fact more then pretty long  because Einstein has truly said "success is all about keeping secrets". 

And so I being reg no- b100465ee ashish kumar pathak , electrical branch , nit calicut   will remain a electrical student for another 3 years and then no one knows. And I will say yes I am loving it…….. :)


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