Saturday, September 24, 2011

You have got to find what you love !!!!

                    When i was 14 i thought i love to be scientist , when i became 18 i thought i love physics but at present the range of my eyes , mind , heart and soul seems sufficiently insufficient to detect these love rays . and according to the law of love  if you love something or even someone you just cant be with without it for more then a year . this is what i exactly did or better way to say this would be this happened to me .

          This lead me to chose between the two reasons  causing all these to occur. the 1st being me trying to avoid the reality and second  it was never my pure love. perhaps i liked solving two or three problems in physics and felt mesmerized after reading "a brief history of  time" took me to a very wrong illusion and still now. yes i loved solving mathematics riddles , imagining physics , thinking string theory and its consequences but then why didnt i continue this further and why am i still unwilling to continue with this.
so basically presently i am without my love and this seems true when after having loads of fun , hanging around with my friends for the whole day and just when i get to bed , its start paining me from no where. i start feeling restless ,unsatisfied with myself , and many more such pessimistic thoughts. the reason being i had always grown up always thinking and dreaming extra big and now when i know that i am not even close to average because i m still lying deep inside the unknown , unseen depth of this unwanted reality.

And all these converging on to the same point instability.  unfortunately i have to end this without any proper solution it because i dont have it this time not even a consolation for me.

Yyou have got to find what you love.................


  1. u r right..............but this dilemma can be taken as a hurdle which will make u 'the stronger' and more precisely 'decision maker'.

  2. hopefully nitesh............thnx for the advice

  3. learn to see the beauty of God in everything.......... this world doesnt run by physical laws or runs by God's grace and permission .....your every thought and action first passes through him..... as much as one goes away from this fact, one naturally becomes unsatisfied and dismal.
    Become more spiritual, read more spiritual books u will count the difference.

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  5. this what life means////
    and yes it can connected with post strong reason


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