Monday, January 2, 2012

31st december "AN EXPERIENCE"

Woke up late but was fortunate enough to get my token as g2 ( thanks to the distributer )soon my chance to get "amma darshan" came there .I was  on the stage sitting on the chair and in just few minutes  I would be getting the hug of the beloved of many amma. But till now I didn’t get any special feel .though  I knew she is a great spiritualist but rarely that word was  fully grasped by my intellect or consciousness. Well I had heard all start crying just before meeting amma atleast they cry while being hugged but till now I could find no symptoms of my tears. Then suddenly something got triggered  and I begin concentrating , recapitulating all my weakness and sometimes when I become so desperate with them.  I started praying for these weakness to die away as I get closer to my amma darshan or her hug.  Finally I had my hug , I told my weakness but I don’t know what she did reply but instead I  got  to know I had fever , which surprisingly started just after I got this message atleast I felt like so.
Then just before leaving this place I met this brazillian guy who seemed to be lost into meditation and when I checked him up he had tears in his eyes and he seemed a lot tensed then on asking his story he told he came here with his sister and wanted meet amma as he had heard lot about her . He said he was fed up of always partying , drinking and taking drugs on smallest of the occasions so this time he thought to chose the difference. He had been to "wrishikesh"  and "dharmshala " before.
And then came the time for me to leave to my alma matter nitc. But suddenly I didn’t know this would be the answer to my first weakness which soon I understood , I almost had put my steps into bus (the last bus to nitc) then I thought 31st december on the bus will be so horrible ,  and hope of someone that I may see again and this time surely will say the words kept me alive and put my  steps back . I even tried searching that one  for the while and was almost firmed to talk this time.  Unfortunately till now no signs of that someone. Still these things happens and  I didn’t know that these incidences will help me reveal my answers which were buried for years. What a unique way . That’s the positive aspect of visiting these places ( though I landed up here accidently with purely other intentions). Feeling awesome , felt music of my heart (laughter) like never before  had dj like never where we danced for ourselves in pure consciousness not to show and in semi conscious state. And I had never done this , sat at  stretch of almost 4 hours with slightest of the movements and slightest of alien thoughts coming into my mind.
And here again unexpected made my day memorable , a day to cherish for life time , a new year celebration I shall never forget and hopefully next year again I come here to dance to sing to  enjoy to live the moment.

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