Sunday, December 18, 2011

My affairs with winter

 well this winter is making me respond like never before , after almost 3 years of gap I am feeling the change , the change in surrounding temperature . I was pretty used to so even weather in these 2years now the winter is causing a great hurdle for me at the same time enjoying like never before , the beauty of nature . Sleeping  sleeping and sleeping up to even 16 hrs someday .. Feeling  as if I am rusted   , legs frozen , ears shrunk lying all day inside the blanket sometimes even immersing my whole body into this 7*7 feet square blanket along with my dell laptop and then with all comfort logging  into my facebook account.   I know that these are only  few days I am going to spend with winter  .
winter has got one more beauty hidden into it "the silence". You don’t really have to try for it , I just let my media player closed , doors closed air tight , windows open waiting till 11 30 pm and there's the winter's greatest offerings to me , you and all. If you are not going through  any tough phase ( I passed my 3rd semester ) then you may even realize momentary serenity . Besides these  everything seems to be rediscovering its beauty and help finding mine and realize again I am nothing in front of the divine nature and yet  seeking motivation from this winter I can be so much more .So its not just the season it’s the blessing in disguise. I love it , respect it cherish it and if luck persists i will make it count as well.  So I am making it large are you also ?.....

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