Friday, May 11, 2012


It’s a strange story of a lad
Of all those dreams once he had

For those he gave his best try
He worked relentlessly without  a cry

For almost couple of years
Overcoming all the fears and tears

And then came the judgment  day
Only to bring him ,his maiden dismay

 but life had to go on
With acceptance that days of despair have gone

Then for  almost a year
Smile , freedom was only near

For he has now no dream
And hence the smile had to lose the gleam

Then one day his long forgotten childhood stargaze
in no time  came within  his chase

But only after a month did he realize
The emptiness has again begun to emphasize

For now he hated what is bestowed
Attraction was only  the unseen road

Finding himself amidst the loop oscillation
Of the two worlds between love and aversion

He now relates himself to this quote
"Artist  love only for second
The next hour they are bored or frustrated
For dynamic change only makes them moving"

But strangely  he had no artistic talents as well
Except this strange relation to this quote to tell…..

His plans , dreams needed lot of reconstruction
For now life has taken a halt on new junction

But one thing he concluded this birthday
That life has still to cover 3/4th of the  tray...


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