Monday, June 25, 2012


Initially when I tried visualizing the "10 gramya manthan"  days it seemed I would be coming out   of my normal daily schedule to adapt a new one ,  would be away from my beloved family, friends  back home , I would  be going to new villages to understand them and their problem and even doubted what facilities would to be provided .   
But now  more then 10 days have already passed and these possibilities mentioned above all look
Deepened into the bottom of the pit of memories and what remained  is shining like a beacon , shouting like a roar of lion ,attracting like a magnet ,drenching my eyes every  hour and asking why just 10 days.

Frankly speaking I went from the family but only to make a new one , found a new daily schedule only to find it was normal in fact far more self satisfying  then the previous one . The family of 40 people  which I never realized till 22nd june and they  were all  different  at the same time they all looked converging with my thoughts and that was the beauty of the program.
I learnt to listen atleast to some extent , could present in front of many people without the pebble of hesitation , came out of my comfort zone to interact with so many of them ( with few I could have done more which I still regret).
Transition started to come during the 2nd day of our visit to village (in my case it was tishti)  , met with a family whose head could earn only in few months of the year , all sleeping in a small room on the plastic still  never showed his back for the education of his 3 children. The eldest being a pretty girl doing her hiding behind a veil was inspirational  and a eye drenching phenomena. It was perhaps the 1st time I was roaming around in 45 degree  hot summer visiting new homes  with only 3 hours of sleep for last  4 days and still could find my passion dissolving all the tiredness . Then at the night we discussed , conversed , shared and then would present the solution which everyday would take a leap ahead .

Sessions by Sir Elango , Ravi Sir was easily gained the top list of people I ever heard and including many others. The encouragement , amenities , received by us were adding only feathers to our list of growing experience . And till the last day came they all culminated to make it a life time experience .

As this program ends but its memories have just started to stretch and grow making a hell of experience
If I am on the missing side and at the same time pride feeling peeping and citing "YES I HAVE BEEN THE PART OF GRAMYA MANTHAN".   I look to join them at least join the village to implement to what we had presented their for the people there have started expecting , they have broken the realms of their dreams , wishes and we cant leave them in the between.   
We need wish …….and they(villagers) need far more.


  1. Awesome Blog... You write good. I like it because you were successful in conveying your feelings.

  2. ab aya kuch seriousness tumhare andar.....jiyo mere sher....well done.......

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  4. really nicely written. loved the spirit and the passionate temperament. Going out there in search of newer horizons is one of the most beautiful ways to learn. Great to know you have been doing the same: )


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