Sunday, August 5, 2012


Its these days when I sleep with all the sleepy mind , fatigued body , headache and then after 2 hours of sleep , I get on fb visiting my favorite profiles and sometimes new one  and soon find the happiness finds it way coming all the way through twist and tunnels , leaping way ahead of my fatigue , piercing through the fear and finally sending a smile.

Its these days when everything not goes your way but yet you find yourself feet slowly finding a harder floor to stand on , more stagnant pole to hold your hands with .

Its these days when you start realizing the rate of passing of time is way swifter then it really is and yet the net content of every second makes every bit of time a precious one.

Its these days when I call these changes a  transition and the best part is when I realize  it goes forever and  happens everyday , sometimes I notice and sometimes I miss them.

And so its these days I am realizing this transition, so I try to control , mould a part of this transition in a way I expect my life to be with me. 

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