Friday, September 7, 2012

the best , better and good........

when i was growing i was told about the best
years later we kept discussing the best
and now i realize those long conversations , thoughts
have actually hidden the "better me" 

it was always about best actor , best cricketer , toppers , most beautiful ,best people
and it always remained just less then a token of  appreciation for the goods
to transform them into the better ones.
but in the crowd of only pertaining to bests , most , highest , wisest , tallest 
i failed to become good , a little wise ,a little better

i still dream to fly in the sky but
i am taught, only the best can do
and thats why my fear gets grooming along with my dream

i dont see the zealously knocking my door
rather i find missing the honest appreciation , token of   clap
i find myself surrounded by only the bests, 
i am taught only toughest can survive
may be its my weakness , fear ,vulnerability 

but i still seek a world
where each one including me can survive 
where each one including me gets the equal opportunity to prosper
i dont know when it will come true 
but one thing i know unless it wont be accomplished
we will continue to be praising , talking only about the best
and the better ones will continue to suffer
survival for good ones will become tougher
people with no "best tags" will crave for the pebbles of appreciation
and the inequality will continue going in the directions of entropy . 


  1. last lines highly objectionable, author saheb!

    I don't think people with no best tags are never appreciated the sheep can always be differentiated form the goat!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. y r u so much bothering about discussions of best...its rule of nature dominance,,,,,that utopia is never gonna happen...!!!!
    either be in position of praise by your deeds,,,, or just dont dream of it,,,!!!!!

    pardon mistakes,..!!


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