Sunday, September 2, 2012

random words

 some thoughts penetrate deeper
some people mark the stain darker
 some journey becomes a lesson
some experience become a life-saver

and still human-err repeats itself
neither the flute's whistle
nor the majestic voice spell its magic
till the next rocks awaits to hit you

genius of our mind or the truth of  our heart
is still differentiable for me
and so the dilemma of choice between two
there i seek the fruit out of my theism
and i leave all onto "amma"
but still my beliefs seem partial
for my dilemma is still visible

i seek here the truth
truth of knowledge , truth of my being
a stagnant satisfaction of my state
i seek a zeal  to survive
a reason to go forward
and say it aloud "yes i can"

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