Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And I missed to give a call

Kept beside the  window was a filthy and dusted diary
storm had the pages waving
But  with the advent of heavy rain
Wind had to quickly take a reside in some new place
Till then the waving pages had taken a pause

But wind had already marked its second influence
The complete 2nd paragraph on that page
Was embellish by the fallen water paint
And finally what looked to be planned afterwards happened
My pair of eyes flew to those multicolored  lines

Only to find vary familiar handwriting
Written in bold red  "call 9787336583" dated "12\12\2009"
If I could remember it was the last day of school
If I could remember it was given to me by that someone
Whom I had been looking into , for atleast 5 years

Guess what IIT always works as climax in everyone's story
Physics , chemistry , math books were  piled up next  , diary at the bottom
Could never open  the diary and never add a word more
Until the storm came until the rain came until the water paint fell on it
 until it became dusted until it became filthy  until now

And I missed to give a call on that and in
A month I found I missed the IIT too (though approximately )
And now I wonder how did she reach to my diary
When  I had only asked for filling the slam book
And now I realize what I had missed what could already have been mine

years old dream suddenly blommed from grave
only to realize grave is still a better place
and left me with a fanitest echo of extremist optimism
"Thank god water paint didnt fell on the next few lines
"Thank god I didn’t go throw the next few lines "
What If it had ".............….. you"


  1. lovely work..and the way of presentation... and the feel is awesome...

  2. very nice... mostly you used to write on social issues and philosphy of life,this time you it's about love. I can guess the reason :)
    Kamaal ka imagination tha.... Beautiful!!!

  3. ....boss i loved the style of presentation.......!!!


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