Friday, November 2, 2012

Rabbits and We.............

walking down the long quite pavement
redness across the sky possibly started to bid farewell to sun
with no watch tied across the wrist
perhaps this was the best time to guess the known

taking a few steps further on the grass, those two
rabbits struck right at the centre of my pupil perhaps look
 like carrying inherent traits from white angels from my dreams
but something else  something more then colour was there

jumping and hurling tiny splashes of water on each other
sounding as if dog is singing without those two front teeth
which was soon to become a song singing for funeral
when a arrow waiting to be pulled down for long

struck right into beautiful eyes
and the other had one no choice other then to escape
i zoomed my camera to find its heart beating increased manifolds
but still hours later it came , only to  find his friend resting in peace

to us , its expression were still unread , ununderstood
and hence we named them feeling less
just because our emotion didnt resonate with theirs
we kill them , we eat them , we rape , we steal , we hate , we discriminate

                           being symmetric was always the nature's preference
                           and now we try to see it with fogged specs
                           the screen is now filled with only me
                           with hardly any space for love , bliss , respect.

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  1. well said: being symmetric was always the nature's preference

    this is the solution for all problems


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