Saturday, May 11, 2013

my hope.....

dreams in eyes grew bigger
eyes started shining brighter

darkness had to take a hide
wings spread apart to take me for a higher ride

finally I was flying in the sky
even the thousand failure began to feel  shy

just when i was ready to get into the rocket
suddenly my searching hands found a long written pages in my pocket

which said
" no matter how many times you have to try
no matter however many  dont care to look into your story before judging you

but to myself i remain a simple lad trying to improve his shortcomings
sometimes missed and sometimes it works for the better
 i still have that one or two friend who knows me for my journey and not for my destination
i still have not lost the faith in "hope " which is indeed the best thing i have known lately."

and finally crowds had to give a standing avation
for my story reaches the last word of its narration.

and yes its all what my small eyes can envision and still dreams
but one thing which i already have attained is
i am currently in relationship with "hope"

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