Thursday, May 22, 2014

Longest journey till now

Last time I had a trip to Bangalore for 1 week and I thought I had a journey.  I spent a month in village teaching kids and I thought I had a journey . I spent a fortnight trying to aware the villagers for education and I thought that I had a journey. Well now I have completed my engineering  though in minimum time of  4 years , my mind and memory still looks too small to create a thought out of the vast ocean of experiences in last  4 years. But thanks to god I have this alternative (always trying to respond ) to cry out aloud but the mind always controlled it.
Now keeping the mind aside for sometime , Yes my soul can feel last 4 years , in fact the every pieces of mine has last  4 years  strongly imbibed in it.  Friends who have seen me  4 years before and now , they can tell in one scan I carry all those  4 years without any overflows or ambiguity .  And that’s why I feel achieved more when I represent and live those experiences than a job which I got here.
And equally important had been the acquaintance with so many different kinds of people from all corners of the country. And yes like any one of you initially I made 20 best friends then fought with couple of them and then again made up with them and then again fought them and finally before leaving could filter few friends who can be there for lifetime , some for may be little less and some whom you don’t want to remember ever (but you never know when your soul defeats your mind and you accept every one ).
Whether it was getting too much personal  ( liking sharing room , cloths etc . ) , falling for a girls or many , argument with father ( showing I am growing ) , fear of failure or perhaps a fail in engineering drawing , rejection experience in a campus interview , walking lonely after a fight with friend, sometimes too much thinking about the future , or feeling amused thinking that there can be this kind of a guy as well , insulted by a girl whom I propose , or viral laziness across the whole hostel , nocturnal gossips , sticking all day to laptops  etc . 

Everyone has his/her share of adequate experiences , and mostly chances are it makes us atleast an inch better than we commenced our college. But happiness lies in understanding and letting it know to each of our cells and dna that life will always move on , friends who are best now may become stranger , job which looks dream now may become cause of the worry , or in a more positive way friends who are on lighter side may become closer , less paid job may become heaven . Change will come , everything will change ,places , people , best friends , love , dreams. But one thing I hope is , let  all these  changes be in symphony with the experiences I had  and let alarm bell always keep reminding us that this mistake shouldn’t be repeated. And above all last 4 years will be perhaps by written in the boldest format and yes nostalgia will again make me cry.

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