Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nostalgia and its repercussions

It can start with old photos , revisiting schools , colleges , old home etc. Strangest things begin to happen when you are submerged into nostalgic feelings. You feel the possibility to touch your past yet it  forever goes tangentially just like the blow of wind  . And if you are unfortunate enough to listen to some soothing or similar kind of music at the same time you will go only deeper into the ocean and yet will remain enough far from reliving those experience. But these nostalgic moments does much more, if for a while we forget our present and allow ourselves to fall freely into this ocean. And then we observe the change we have been , so much things should have been retained with us but they all or few have been lost during the journey from past to present. Rhetoric  it may sound ,nostalgia  reminds us of few things we just need to grab it immediately from the past.   Whether it was to smile for no reasons , care freely laughing like mad , making friends without any boundaries , fearlessness , being oblivion to disrespect and dishonor and above all being happy for no reasons or perhaps microscopic reasons. Each of us have so many things to take back from the few minutes  of nostalgia . (Taking assumption that each has some imperfection)

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