Friday, December 4, 2015

Why we miss the truth

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The truth that  " all of us are undergoing continuous change and yet not able to realize/experience this  " remains hidden from most of us.
        Why dont we notice this simple phenomenon . Why dont we see ourselves contradicting  our very own thoughts which had kept us busy a year ago. If someone points out for us we disguise it into self improvement etc . But again the changes come.We hardly notice.
 Actually we keep happening by accident . Any thought or idea or philosophy comes and hijacks us and makes us believe that this ""idea /thought" is the ultimate . During this period when we are romanticizing with a particular idea , that idea becomes the significant part of our life/soul. We are so much attached to it that we start seeing everything using the filter of that idea and when the doomsday comes for our "idea/dream" we get horrified and scared.We start feeling the vacuum created by the absence of it. Yet soon our old idea smoothly gets transitioned to new one and rarely giving us a time to stop and ponder upon it.
     My point basically is , what if we undergo all this change exactly the same way as we do but with a eye to keep a watch on it. We keep changing ourselves even our behavior and personality but consciously.
This has the power to liberate us from the suffering.Before delving into this lets explore the cause of suffering.
Suffering occurs when our old idea gets into the phase of transition .And this transition hurts because it creates a feeling of being left alone .It makes us  feel as if something very dear to us is leaving us. This is very ironical as cause of  suffering can be as simple as this but the consequences can be very explosive (likes of suicide, depression etc).
 What I am trying to say is (not I but all sages since ages , I am just chanting their words) once we become conscious of how these changes occur within us , how we gradually switch from one idea to other we  begin to realize the futility of  the seriousness of these ideas in our life . The reason being they all our happening by accidents which means our ideas are 100% conditioned to surroundings.(  a 18 year child in India can be mad for clearing engineering entrance , a man in ISIS can be mad for converting the whole world into islam , a woman in USA might be fighting feminism etc). Again I am not saying we should end all of it . All these things in the material world will continue to happen but if we are conscious that our dreams and passions our just the repercussions of the society nearby or just any external influence , we will not take this bondage with our "idea" seriously .Consequently our happiness will never be the function of these ideas( whether they fail or succeed ).

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