Thursday, December 3, 2015

A different take on "change"

The quote " Change is the only constant " appears to be one of the commonest one floating around.
But when it comes to experiential level , we live very differently.
With every year comes a new goal , a new planning , a new ideology which keeps us busy.Some of them stay for a longer time and some leave us too soon.Irrespective of their duration ,they all succeed in creating a sense of permanency in our mind. The idea that each of our present goal /ideology / thought is here to stay for eternity,  makes sure we never come out of this loop.
Taking example from my own life. When I was 15-16 , I dreamt of becoming scientist and held science with utmost respect .Then during the college life I changed into a easy going boy who only cared to live , travel new places and have full fun. This was the stage when studies took the back  seat (many of my school friends still doubt it and of course my parents ) and my philosophy about life started changing yet again.From science to social service was my new mantra along with lots of travel and fun all the time constituted my novel attitude.Then by the final years social service took the back seat(science was perhaps out of the car) and I started fantasizing about Computer science , high on-campus placement offers( remember how my dreams are changing and  exactly how they follow the circumstances around). I was now feeling like I am made for the coding (blend of maths and easy money). But unable to meet the immediate dreams , my philosophy again started taking turns. Presently  I am into changing myself from the core etc (spirituality and meditations ).
 But what has started intriguing me now is the fact how every time I failed to realize , all the changes were temporary and purely circumstantial. I never really did anything out of choice.All I had was 2-3 choices out of billions of other choices .And even in that 2-3 choices it was purely out of circumstances , I ended up choosing that. Even the greater irony was in assuming that the ""choice"" was the result of my freedom to live. Adding to this cake of ignorance was the assumption my current state was permanent .And I could end up fighting(of course avoiding a physical argument ) to prove my point/philosophy.

Sadly this happens with almost everyone whom we meet in our everyday life .But the saddest part is , even when we are on our deathbed we fail to realize this (simple) nature's law that we are in nature's lap (not the other way around)and we die with this crown of ignorance. 

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