Monday, February 21, 2011

Time to identify my identity

Well it has really been a quite a bit of time infact about year i have been living multidirectional lyf. And frankly speaking during this period i really  enjoyed as well a learnt a lot of things and gained vast amount of experience. but now after learnig these , now i feel  why not to implement these to some purpose. As i have now started to feel a bit hollowness and sometimes bit boring . The reason being the continuation of multidirectional lyf. As i really feel now that to go for something , to do something.
              So i need to to know what i m gonna do. for the while i m gonna focus on my academics as my first mid test has been a disaster. And really i need to get atleast 8 pointer this time. So ofcourse i need to give some effort this time. Also for the long term gonna learn the art of confindence so that i can do act speak without the influence of others. And can do what i feel on my individual without being influenced by others. And thats it if i learn this nothing gonna stop as i m on high purpose...
for today just this much is enough.

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