Sunday, March 20, 2011


      sometimes while sitting alone , i get to realize how much i have learnt in last 10 months or long as i was in home , i used to see with only mine frame of reference and had made some misconception and thought world is limited to that only. but now gradually and steadily i am getting to realize the beauty of every experience, lesson of every experience which always tries to make me, you a better person. well to be frank i am 67% successful in this case.
                        To be really truthful, i was indeed a narrow minded person, not only narrow minded but had very little knowledge about this complex universe. my world was just limited to small radius of this infinite world. But now i get after meeting so many different type of people , sometime a feel of pride automatically arisies for knowing these many diverse categories of people.
initialliy i dont know why , but i think my friends tell true that i was a child. i used to be influenced by other's sweet words so easily. in no time i used to like any new people whom i would interact for even few days . AND THIS  CONTINUED here till 1st semester and infact is continuing now. but after getting thudershocks from those whom i liked the most is what preparing me to become a more mature person and know that the world and its people are not so straight and simple. ITs really difficult to have a true friend, true person to rely upon. in 1st sem i almost liked everyone from our group of 20 people or so and feel that they all are good, pure and now when you get to know that its just doesnt matter to them , really hurts and so prepares you for a healthy future. may be its my negative attitude that i start expecting from someone the same way what i have it for them ,without even letting them know that i really care for them.. may be i start liking so many... i dunno why.. but now i am restricting myself . to be really frank now leaving 1 or 2 in the college i just cant trust anyone... well now my power to have faith on someone is fading. SOMETIMES its feel why not to  leave alone. have friends just for yes or no or formality.. but again its heart's problem it just start liking anyone who he its better to leave your emotions and become a hard person which again i know i just cant do it. so what will i do which again i dont know. but yes now i m not going to make extra contacts.and will just stop expecting for the trust from anyone even those 1 or 2. atleast i will feel secured. because u never know when someone will leave you because you never mattered to him.
                                So stop expecting, liking , trusting , love nature, parents and if you get some girl and love ur life.. My lesson of 1st year betch, NIT CALICUT..........


  1. touched to the bottom of my heart....well said

  2. wat u said is true....still... one should never stop expecting, liking, trusting........i think

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  4. hmm everyone has its own list of experiences , sometimes its make u trust someone easily and sometimes its very difficult...


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