Thursday, March 31, 2011

when your smile and hair resonates with the wind...

Seriously never ever come in doubt that i m in love just like the shahrukh of veer zara , kal ho na ho etc..
Its just that i experience the smile , power , confidence from within or in fact having no source while walking alone at 9 pm amidst the long waving trees, these days. I dont know why but i love this.. seriously speaking its the best part of coming to nit calicut where you can find tress even on the marbles. well the best part comes while travelling to the city on the bus, sitting near the window, bus going at 65 km/hr and my ( i have got one of the famous hairs here) hairs waving in all directions and suddenly from where i start smiling and simply enjoying this journey for about 1 hr and the same while returning back. also frankly speaking i prefer going to city,  to be in resonance with this wind for 2 hrs, ofcourto going there and having  the blast or going to malls are also the reasons..  Its simply amazing. u all (   what a   probability of you to enjoy this experience(by my influence ), 1st of all u need to be 1 among the billions lucky enough to read my blog and then lucky enough to come to nit calicut) can try this. but 1 condition leave behind all your thoughts while traveling. be simply thoughtless coz out of thoughtlessness come the resonating smile on your face..
so i am going to enjoy this, try your luck if you could...


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