Sunday, October 9, 2011

(you have got to find what you love-part 2)

On the verge of crossing 2nd decade and yet earned just one thing that’s to say in a pretty confident manner  that  "I still don’t know me , I still don’t know what I love , I still don’t know  what I want to die for and sadly for me if I don’t know these I don’t know anything".
I know for some these questions are meaningless but for me it always has acted as pinching or stimulating agent.  Of course   indulgence into these self-questions are not too often but when they are , they really are so intriguing and simultaneously   beginning to recapitulate  all my past experience to even more  intensify the answer of these questions in favor of negation.

Inspired by the "15 minutes speech of Sir  Steve Jobs at Stanford university "  deepened my quest to answer  these questions.
Well especially  in last one year or so when I have come out of the micro  closed shell ( of mum dad bro sis few friends iit , cricket , srk films) at least  physically I have come to know lots of characteristics of mine but the sad part was they always existed in pair  so  I never being able to conclude what I am because pendulum always swings to and fro.  I have discovered that I am one of the strong proofs at physical level to great Heisenberg's uncertainty principle . Laden with vast amount of scalar aptitude , skills , energy .

          comparing to what I was 2 years ago will completely deny all these conclusions of mine. So either I was not true to my heart 2 years ago or I have changed drastically. And now  presenting  first positive aspect of this post makes me so excited . If I was not true to my heart 2 years  ago then atleast  now I am not the same and if I have changed drastically then there is still a scope for me to take a leap into other change as well and this time for  acquiring vector aptitude skills and energy.  Because zero energy and scattered  vast amount of energy makes no difference. And with all these am on the way to search what I love what I wanna die for to know what I really am.    As steve job has aptly said "don’t settle down unless you find what is your love"..  

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