Friday, February 3, 2012


day full of experiencing almost every major classes of feelings without undergoing neither extremity  of any emotions.
right from the morning the bliss of test going to end  to the  temporary waves of dullness shadowing  across due underdog performance in my favorite subject. the feel of romance while watching "RHTDM" to being thrilled by super stuffs of "quantum of solace". the extreme anger on one of my friend to the nostalgic moments while talking to one of my oldest best friend.  the successful attempts of buying few cloths (of course i look dashing in those) to the regret of excessive expenditure which i was not supposed to do now. the long tiring walk with my best buddies to the joy of having my favorite cuisines.     and the final didnt miss to end on high node by regaining some calmness , happiness , love , and some undefined abstracts sitting beside the seashore ............                  

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