Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Moment of Serenity......

                                                               long  dreams had drenched my eyes  
                                                                                     and suddenly
                                                   echoes of appreciation rekindled the music in my ears
                                                   Waveforms on the lips finally sublimated into the smile
                                                                      wet eyes  gleamed like the beacon
                                            Hands  dispersed  , arms got  wider and the wind came closer
                             Loneliness felt beautiful for rejoicing was for satisfaction , not for the show
                                                      Remembered family-friends , touched dead and alive
                                                                Purpose was served , bliss was discovered
                                                             proving was the point and point was proved
                                                   Past twisted , reshaped ,  rearranged and got connected
                                             all  illusions  became transparent  and love was the only  truth
                                                 stars , moon , good , honesty , benevolence were only seen
                                                                   tried hugging myself and still trying…...             
            "S" , "U" , "C" , "E"  got together to make  this, to make me, to make you, to make all a "SUCCESS"

And soon alarm bell rang…. Eyes were indeed drenched but this time awake…..

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