Friday, August 31, 2012

when experience guides you...

things change , people change or i change is still a mystery. they say it true , friends in college are always the worst thing to expect . especially when during more  then 2 years you are hit thrice by the same rock
. putting all  beliefs , trust , unveiling myself to the core in front of them only to know that the person enjoying the show has left the theatre far earlier. people will call these people innocence (including me ) but i call then ignorant , perhaps the worst category to be in.
and perhaps this makes me realize that i am human. a small bubble in the water always changing its radius and sometimes even bursting. but when i try observing this bucket full of water and bubbles i feel unsecured for i am not one , i am always influenced by  the environment outside. and then again some more analogies creeps into this mind. and i become serious again , dullness finds its way again. these all happen because i am astonished to see how i can repeat the same mistakes. perhaps i didnt get the failure for last 1.5 years in this field.
but now i realize failure makes me aware that i am imperfect , incomplete and i need correction , this time a steeper and long lasting.    
but i am ready for the failures as long as i keep learning from them. sometimes the decreased frequency of failure makes me think that i am improving but soon i come to know i was actually egoistic , arrogant enough to hide my details .  but then again i find my mind not fully planer and hence have to say

"there so many things , so many people , so many thoughts , so many discussions and sometimes so much to cry but a pinch of smile a truck of laugh (poor jokes with those few who dont  fear of calling themselves unmodern , unmatured  , child etc.  )converges them all into it   "

i learnt these two lines which i would like to share

its seriously damn damn difficult to get a true honest friend here in a competitive world.
look straight into the eyes of people. as you may never know what you might miss. for in a long race we all search for love sometimes fashion forces us to reject them that also only superficially .

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