Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lets get aware of grass

 It wont take more than 5 minutes of speculation(honesty is indeed needed) to reach to a conclusion that whatever we have been (most of us)  in our life , most of the experiences were more of derived ones from family , media, religion, country rather than being original.
 Right from the childhood going through the same academics(cbse,icse , b.tech) , playing only those few games and hence doing the same kind of mistakes and getting the same kind of responses as well from the people and nature around.The older we become, our surrounding's(and we as well) tolerance towards our variations(independence) keeps on reducing and fortunately we are quite smart to adapt to that.

Finally most of us going through the same funnel(a job or more newly a startup, phd) of life . Basically variables which define us keep on decreasing but in our mind we keep on becoming big. Those few variables now become our life.Our consciousness becomes smaller and worldly influence on our mind is as strong as mountains. I don't mean anywhere that I am against marriage , formal education etc. My concern is (of course for me as well may be that's why I am writing here) we human beings are becoming clones of each other. We are proudly saying we are unique but than we are becoming the next men in the house , city , college. The data gathered in our mind is determining our course of life which unfortunately is uniform throughout the mankind and hence the consequences are clone human beings.
We all need  certificates to prove our worth , we all need  marriage to lead a satisfying life, we all become agitated at once , we all become lovely in the next moment . Point is not to boycott marriage , education system but to realize that these decisions should come from our core and not from the influences of the neighbor.Every experience we undergo whether its education , marriage we just need a shift from subconsciousness to consciousness.A slight opening of eyes and awareness towards every moment we live here on earth.And this is what differentiates us from animals and plants.

We say , we are what we are (I am what I am) but rarely we realize this is also picked from somewhere .We are not what we are , we are only what the next one is
I think awareness of this "flaw in our life" will be enough for us to be unsatisfied and seek for the bigger truth and then at least we will be able to take few decision completely independent from the data stored in our mind because data in mind was on Wikipedia , Google and books yesterday. And still if you say you are what your books teach you than you have been just got unlucky because you studied xyz book first or you were born in abc country  which shaped your course of life and thoughts.And it can change in the next moment when you read a new book .

To start with lets start with the grass. Lets become aware of grass atleast.

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