Saturday, March 31, 2012

lets grant them also "stay free"

    This struck me first when I was studying in class 11th and there was some carpentering work being done in my house. And then I met with this 11 year boy I mean 11 year orphan working here all the day I mean tolerating physical pain , loudest of the  screeching from his elder co-workers. As no 11 year old lad in this would ever cherish to do  this .Then I faintly remember this guy , cant guess the age for he was too far , sitting on a hanging support from a 14 storey building in midst of  burning sun painting the apartment. And then few thoughts began to link within me . May be the 11 year old's dad had fallen from there  or may be there one more on the corner to taste the orphanage. For their life is unsecured and people least bothered  for they earn just 75 Rs for performing all these life risking activities and yet  hiding their fear , compulsion and even if they are visible people are quick enough to attain  blindness towards them.

Well this  class of people who are neither under BPL to utilize some  offers by government neither a lower middle class henceforth  always find themselves grinding between the two.  And these workers are spread all across country . But their prime heritage stays mostly in Bihar , Jharkhand and West Bengal.  Staying away from their family for months and sometimes even years and yet bringing just enough to home bear the two times meal.
These conclusion strengthened due to  survey in these places done in  our college for the construction mega hostel where around 2000 workers are hired , there being 95 %  from Bihar and West Bengal. And among them 50% are in the age group 17 to 21.  The age when we are enrolled into college they are forced to become a worker. The age when i am busy writing blogs , watching movies , traveling new places they travel only 3000km to reach Kerala to get few hundreds more and remain doomed into this hell of physical work blended with only humiliation , disrespect ,  sometimes unexpected disease then expected only misfortunes.
I had intense  conversation with few of them and most of them were around 18.( for detailed discussion see - And one thing remained common with all of them. They all left their studies for their parents cant afford the education and they had to earn to assist in his sister's marriage , father's health. Sometimes doomed by prolonged frustrations they would run away from the family and come here . And when they come here though they are toiling almost 14 hours daily and earning just 5000rs every month . But this physical pain is far less then that mental torture they have to face everyday.   
And this becomes chain , for most of these workers  can never earn enough to deliver education to their 
Children and ultimately they will help in rotation of this cycle of struggle and illiteracy.   And this indeed constitute a thick population portion of our country .
And the most unfortunate part is that we don’t have any solution for this remedy. In fact why will we have . In fact many of them reply me with this - "they work to earn we also work to earn so whats the difference . And they are getting two times meal isnt it enough ". 

To repair this we  don’t need any  machine for machine can only correct not heal . We need more organization , people , awareness entering into these sections. Education for these sets of people should
be given some sort of liberalization , financially.  Because when I talked to them I realized they lacked awareness. A need of education was surely pending there. To change the present generation of workers
 is almost impossible , but what is possible is to teach their children , educate them , let them remain no more oblivious to the world , people around . Let   them exploit education for healing their generation and their yet to come children. Then shall we bring a gap in this chain constituting of education.For they are also Indian and above all human beings like we you and them. Only mistake they did were they decided to born in poor family .
Thanks to Stayfree ( giving me the opportunity to speak my heart out. To bring whatever little  awareness I contain. For sharing good is in fact the only good and the only way to stay free forever . Free from destitution , violence , hatred , discrimination , superstition . 
Ending on the node with a  line cited by Charlie Chaplin in movie "the great dictator"  .... "LETS UNITE"..and....

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