Thursday, March 1, 2012

Strong reasons

I was asked once why I wanted to peruse research in physics and my reply sounded elegant , clothed with the most attractive words but was beaten in weight , truth , . And then I asked the same question to many  and listened many answering  in fact better would be to say justifying the words which just got out from their mouth a moment ago including me. I mean why someone want to be a IAS officer because he likes it  , or simply he wants to own a district , become powerful(pathetic replies which  I got from the one)  . I ask what power if we don’t know where to invest it. What higher studies if you are doing for just degree was devised centuries ago.  its like insulting ias profession or a degree.   And that’s why I found these section of people always faltering .
                and when I meet the honest replies such as "I want to earn money I want to live  and only easiest way possible I see is MBA  or a business , entrepreneurship "  makes me more affirm towards the views expressed in the 1st paragraph.  This guy from my school says he had always loved conceiving physics situations , contradictions , intrigued by E=mc^2 and now he is the one holding phd from mit on some quantum stuffs .
                and when I recapitulate  some of my past  and my experiences with different people as soon i had to vote for this "STRONG REASONS" . Because it’s the only fuel that will make us to take a initiative and to do it till the last as well.  Because this strong reason has no beginning , it’s the function of its own self and always integrating when one acts to satisfy this reason.  And like this ,  we are all in the search of this strong reason before deciding what we have to do with our lives, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. Sometimes after making  lies 100 times we realize this reason  and some times even more and still searching ( like what I am going through). And the beauty of this realization is it’s the calmest . A strong reason makes  goal even stronger  and the hard work bridges this gap with ease . And To the world it seems the hardest of the struggles , laden with failures  , greatness , miraculous , magical. But it always was as simple as that finding a "STRONG REASON" 


  1. Completely agree with you. We should have a very strong motive for the things we want to pursue in life. It makes no sense to live life for the sake of living and working somewhere for the sake of earning money. We should do the thing that makes us happy. May be it may not be possible in the beginning, but at least at some point in life we should arrive at our dreams.
    Nice post :)

  2. So very true. Very Well written. Every individual should find a Strong Reason before heading towards the aim. Ver Nice toopic indeed. :) Keep writing.


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