Sunday, December 18, 2011

My affairs with winter

 well this winter is making me respond like never before , after almost 3 years of gap I am feeling the change , the change in surrounding temperature . I was pretty used to so even weather in these 2years now the winter is causing a great hurdle for me at the same time enjoying like never before , the beauty of nature . Sleeping  sleeping and sleeping up to even 16 hrs someday .. Feeling  as if I am rusted   , legs frozen , ears shrunk lying all day inside the blanket sometimes even immersing my whole body into this 7*7 feet square blanket along with my dell laptop and then with all comfort logging  into my facebook account.   I know that these are only  few days I am going to spend with winter  .
winter has got one more beauty hidden into it "the silence". You don’t really have to try for it , I just let my media player closed , doors closed air tight , windows open waiting till 11 30 pm and there's the winter's greatest offerings to me , you and all. If you are not going through  any tough phase ( I passed my 3rd semester ) then you may even realize momentary serenity . Besides these  everything seems to be rediscovering its beauty and help finding mine and realize again I am nothing in front of the divine nature and yet  seeking motivation from this winter I can be so much more .So its not just the season it’s the blessing in disguise. I love it , respect it cherish it and if luck persists i will make it count as well.  So I am making it large are you also ?.....

Friday, December 16, 2011

So many roads still they see just a narrow line

Its what I concluded when tried conversing with the previous generation . Many times these conversation got sublimated into violent arguments which has only one way to end , "ashish stop the nonsense and get lost".
What I concluded from these so many incidences our parents missed the technologies so desperately. Though they might have never felt that just like an ant living inside a hole has all its world confined to hole only can never know what other insect may think and do and live. (some may ask why don’t I blame these ant , my logic is they don’t interfere into another  world , they live only what they know so let them)  .

Term "technology"  , I am trying to use just as a example which is one out of infinitely many to make my point clearer. Technology gave us internet , mobile phones , television , radio and so many sources of  raw information. And now we being humans used are intellect and ethics to mould this raw information into valuable and some to not so valuable knowledge.  Atleast when I was In class 8th I knew so many things going around like riots due to religion , caste , love marriage , arrange marriage , Einstein and lalu prasad yadav . By the time I was in 12th I became wiser ( with respect to myself ofcourse) and I came to know  so many things going around the world right from the hub of brothels to hub of makka , Vivekananda to Osama bin laden , higher studies in us to world's favorite destinations, sex ,addictions , lust , politics and many. By the time I became a 2nd year undergraduate student I could now chose what I want to do from any among the above and yet continue my grasp of raw information.
And when I think about parents and many elderly teachers even ,   I see them marching  ahead in a very narrow confined tunnel consisting of engineering , marks , pointer , arrange marriage , same caste utmost important , earn money , money and so many diverse things . And If my domain object these then  I have to be the victim of their words , actions and and end ruining my life unless I am another einstein or dhiru ambani.  And the reason being when I  , in my childhood was playing vedio games , watching tv they were stuck to their books , family , food , and superstitions while  girls especially  to god , god or god. So they have to be ignorant.  And what they argue with their "sole tool experience"
."child you inexperience , you have not seen the world so keep shut" :( ...

I have always believed that you are not great if you are doing correct things without knowing the wrong one unless you are aware of the both and decide by your consciousness and do correct. And it’s the case with majority of middle class indian parents and and it increases by manifolds if you go to rural india.

So basically these gen-previous are already ripen so we cant expect them to change other then be rotten. What good is gen-next has got the hope for bringing the change to our country. And knowing that everything has its own positive and negative and we have to choose which has got positive on its majority side.
Lets hope for the best.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

2 faces of a coin

Every time around my intuition or to say my subconscious keeps giving me hint or a better way to say would be a  satisfactory  explanation of so many things happening around. This time guess what 1 rupee coin has inspired me to give a deeper thought to it. I know a lot of time this pair of faces of coin has got its name in books , speeches , poetry , memoirs and many  others for comparisions. May be at the end u will find I am just adding one more to this list and may be not (like me and XYZ)

 as I see me I see two ashish . As I see my some of my closest friends and with the proper spectrometer fit into my  eyes I see two individuals . As I see my brother , sister and let them pass through prism I see them splitting into two. And mostly these two faces are complementary just like you cant have a coin with two heads or 2 tails. You need to have both to make it a coin. One face which has its origin right from its birth , it’s the most natural and purest while the  other face is continuously evolving to make him a more developed person. The other face is being developed to win the race , to reach the mountain , to face the world.Ofcourse sometimes just like the electromagnetic rays spectra one face is dominant while other being less.

 The best would be to consider a person named "XYZ" and take his example in detail. And its not at all fictitious.
He had always been the most careless , free , no meaning whatsoever to his surrounding , no news of the world , he is into his own world always enjoying , laughing , smiling and  though not expressing love the closest to him know he loves also as he smiles. He is the laziest , sometimes even cry when alone , aims too big and wishes to do everything he is attracted to without any inch of shame and more.

But as grows he sees the world , observes the people around and gradually he comes to know few things about  life and its  goals and people here are not so simple. There are lots twists and turns . Everything spiral and curved . And in the process he starts thinking and acquiring all those traits which he has not . And since these are acquired he rarely gains perfection over these. And soon XYZ becomes more careful , a little shy of people , a little conscious of what others may think or say , loses his laziness to some extent as he knows the significance of swiftness .and hence he ends up escaping so many crimes and even great works. And to the world it seems as XYZ has become more matured and responsible. 
But to the core of himself XYZ knows he is still the happiest and at peace when he is at its natural state and that’s why whenever coin is tossed he chooses one either head or tail according to his natural state.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Experience doesn’t guarantee maturity

If really the quantity of experience could unlock the doors of maturity then what could happen. Lets try conceiving its consequences.
I would always have put an end to any argument related to my carelessness , even studies just by reminding my opposition that let time come and my experience increase , I will definitely overcome these. A 25 year old Nobel laureate would not have been so.   Intelligence might not have got its worth. Speed would have lost its charm. Young talents would have rare meanings. And so many waiting on the list.
Fortunately  the title of this post is correct and we don’t have to live with all the above consequences which seem to contradict almost all the possible day to day common thoughts.  And those which don’t come within that "almost" is the reason behind my writing this post.
My grandparents , parents and many guardians still  using their loud roar of their long experience to shut my mouth in every argument that arises thinking  they are always  correct just because they are double or triple of our age.  Consequently still our sister fear come out of their prolonged meaningless boundaries set by our ancestor. We are still forced to become blind to any different  career other then mba , , medicals and few others(of  course we have got exceptions infact these days atleast the new upcoming generation is becoming resistant to these superstitions) , still in many families meaningless tensions , calamities keep occurring , a man who was born to be next Einstein ends up being super intelligent bargainer while shopping roaming around his wife , a girl who was meant to be next aurundhiti roy ends being the pride of a "thakur family"(what pride let their family member understand only) and you all can think of many , I guess...
What my question is what's  the point of gaining experiences in heaps and bound just by consuming kilos of rice if you don’t mind looking back at you and not able to learn from those experiences to deliver a change to long rusted thoughts of yourself. And that’s the point which I wanted to make simply gaining experience don’t guarantee maturity because maturity demands extra effort and it doesn’t come for free. We have to be learning every moment to become mature and be able to exploit the fullest of our experiences.
Fortunately gen next that is our generation seem to be more smart in this case and that’s the hope for upcoming healthy society. Lets open our eyes and show our elders and many more that maturity counts and not the experience. They will believe only when they will see the result and results we have to conceive for then only we will be released of the captive thoughts and actions of our parents and elders. ( well this is for many like me and I know for many this is is not the case) 

Courtesy ( as the following topic has been taken from  this page.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Difference - a different take on this

Religious people say everything is made out of god , physicist say everything  has come out of pure energy and like that different diverse of people have different take on this. And for a common man like me it these all always seem a mile ahead of our thinking ability.
What I wonder is upon is on the word "difference"  . It’s the magnitude of this word that makes all the above theory correct or wrong. A minor difference leading to major difference. A small habit becoming a character. A small set of protons creating altogether a different universe. A second passed away makes the present a past and future to present.  A small different view resulting in so many groups , casts , state and country.
So what is worth noticing  down the line is , everything , every thought , everyone , every moment , every community , every religion are trying to stabilize their position but the margin is small. The all are hanging on along limiting radius of different difference. All trying to claim their concentric radii . And ignorantly ignoring the truth that , the centre is all same. Whatever distance we go we all are bound  to be the part of the same centre. And as we go more far from the centre and fix are orbit  we are more bound to see more and more differences  around ourselves.
And the result is the divided world , country , state , family , people  , religion. We all tend to associate ourselves with different differences. So lets try opening our eyes and if not the centre we can be part of more then one concentric circles..