Saturday, February 11, 2012

burying feminineness.....

 Reading 2 books by khaledi hoessini  and watching few documentaries in recent past I have only  come closed to this unique country and few others quite similar in one particular respect.  The thing which most intrigues me is the situation of women here.  Concealing her face all life under  a veil , dumb to every male unless married , life confined for only two activities mating  and cooking and being ignorant from the millions other things which she could do.   This I can say  with even more gravity after  my gaining some experience  in womenology.
 Doesn’t matter where are they from they all dream  , want to smile , dance in rains , learn , compete  head to head with boys ,have liberty , fall in love , kiss , hug, travel , talk , shy , and list goes endless. And when u know there is a corner in this world where girls don’t even know to dream.    And if they do their faces are burnt with acids , beaten on the road ,sexually harassed in midst the crowded street , shot headfront , forced to become whore  and the list goes on.

I would think India has only got the women in critical stage  but the reality  is thousand times severe , critical in Afghanistan , Pakistan , Iran  and few others.  Yes since the Taliban left Afghanistan situations are being healed though at ant's pace . But it all looks swinging like pendulum.  For serious issues such as these it should become an international affair. Countries which claim themselves to be the most powerful , United Nations shall make a separate department for handling these issues. And then it’s a matter of time they continuing this noble work.
Else just like tigers being extinct from earth we may lose a large portion of women( I mean the feminineness , emotions , dream  of a feminine, of course   physically still perfect for animal humans) in near future.
Ultimately all comes to awareness , what influences us what we want to influence , our range of greed , being self-obsessed , ignorance , courage of an individual . Because neither India nor us , Germany or Japan were at peace from the beginning .  Someone struggled , leaded , had courage to do 1st .
Like they said  it was all the matter of choice and its still now and will remain a matter of choice.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


He was walking and soon realized walking it wont  be enough and started running  and soon panting , sweating hard and extreme hunger arrested him but all he knew was he had to run and  hence   continued running .
With no signs of what he was looking for,  another hard luck expressed its presence and he was there almost drowning into the 5 and half feet deep, filthy  , smelling like pig's dung . Still all he could remember was running . Thanks to the hard luck at least it gave him sometime get his normal breathing back for the while. Held his hand to nearby hanging branch and pulled it hard to come out of it and started running again like before albeit sense of direction was almost lost. Still he kept running relentlessly. Gradually the sun started to hide creating more and more hurdle for him to run but he was here to run and so he  did without a stop unless soon he found lying himself  down on the heaps of leaves , dung , mud after being hit by tall , wide banyan tree. he felt his head suddenly sweating so  profoundly  till he smelt his hand to know actually it was blood and it was bleeding damn swiftly. With darkness set to rule the whole night , it had already found  its first victim of the night. But as soon as he got back his consciousness  all he was reminded  was of running and soon managed though hard to run again . This time it became even harder with dark night dominating , pain in head growing , shivering with cold and but still running.

And he kept running  , falling , standing , and again running for days , months and now it was years ….    In almost ever direction and finally  something unexpected encountered him , it was his dad and tears in his eyes there 300 meter far. he set the gear , shrugged his shoulder, increased the pace and while this 300 meter gap was decreasing he realized he has started to think. The closer he came the surer he became of  why he was  running for years  and in this direction only… forever for those tiny drops which made him to conclude yes indeed ,  all the past run were connected … and he kept running… with a purpose…

Moment of Serenity......

                                                               long  dreams had drenched my eyes  
                                                                                     and suddenly
                                                   echoes of appreciation rekindled the music in my ears
                                                   Waveforms on the lips finally sublimated into the smile
                                                                      wet eyes  gleamed like the beacon
                                            Hands  dispersed  , arms got  wider and the wind came closer
                             Loneliness felt beautiful for rejoicing was for satisfaction , not for the show
                                                      Remembered family-friends , touched dead and alive
                                                                Purpose was served , bliss was discovered
                                                             proving was the point and point was proved
                                                   Past twisted , reshaped ,  rearranged and got connected
                                             all  illusions  became transparent  and love was the only  truth
                                                 stars , moon , good , honesty , benevolence were only seen
                                                                   tried hugging myself and still trying…...             
            "S" , "U" , "C" , "E"  got together to make  this, to make me, to make you, to make all a "SUCCESS"

And soon alarm bell rang…. Eyes were indeed drenched but this time awake…..

Friday, February 3, 2012


day full of experiencing almost every major classes of feelings without undergoing neither extremity  of any emotions.
right from the morning the bliss of test going to end  to the  temporary waves of dullness shadowing  across due underdog performance in my favorite subject. the feel of romance while watching "RHTDM" to being thrilled by super stuffs of "quantum of solace". the extreme anger on one of my friend to the nostalgic moments while talking to one of my oldest best friend.  the successful attempts of buying few cloths (of course i look dashing in those) to the regret of excessive expenditure which i was not supposed to do now. the long tiring walk with my best buddies to the joy of having my favorite cuisines.     and the final didnt miss to end on high node by regaining some calmness , happiness , love , and some undefined abstracts sitting beside the seashore ............