Saturday, March 31, 2012

lets grant them also "stay free"

    This struck me first when I was studying in class 11th and there was some carpentering work being done in my house. And then I met with this 11 year boy I mean 11 year orphan working here all the day I mean tolerating physical pain , loudest of the  screeching from his elder co-workers. As no 11 year old lad in this would ever cherish to do  this .Then I faintly remember this guy , cant guess the age for he was too far , sitting on a hanging support from a 14 storey building in midst of  burning sun painting the apartment. And then few thoughts began to link within me . May be the 11 year old's dad had fallen from there  or may be there one more on the corner to taste the orphanage. For their life is unsecured and people least bothered  for they earn just 75 Rs for performing all these life risking activities and yet  hiding their fear , compulsion and even if they are visible people are quick enough to attain  blindness towards them.

Well this  class of people who are neither under BPL to utilize some  offers by government neither a lower middle class henceforth  always find themselves grinding between the two.  And these workers are spread all across country . But their prime heritage stays mostly in Bihar , Jharkhand and West Bengal.  Staying away from their family for months and sometimes even years and yet bringing just enough to home bear the two times meal.
These conclusion strengthened due to  survey in these places done in  our college for the construction mega hostel where around 2000 workers are hired , there being 95 %  from Bihar and West Bengal. And among them 50% are in the age group 17 to 21.  The age when we are enrolled into college they are forced to become a worker. The age when i am busy writing blogs , watching movies , traveling new places they travel only 3000km to reach Kerala to get few hundreds more and remain doomed into this hell of physical work blended with only humiliation , disrespect ,  sometimes unexpected disease then expected only misfortunes.
I had intense  conversation with few of them and most of them were around 18.( for detailed discussion see - And one thing remained common with all of them. They all left their studies for their parents cant afford the education and they had to earn to assist in his sister's marriage , father's health. Sometimes doomed by prolonged frustrations they would run away from the family and come here . And when they come here though they are toiling almost 14 hours daily and earning just 5000rs every month . But this physical pain is far less then that mental torture they have to face everyday.   
And this becomes chain , for most of these workers  can never earn enough to deliver education to their 
Children and ultimately they will help in rotation of this cycle of struggle and illiteracy.   And this indeed constitute a thick population portion of our country .
And the most unfortunate part is that we don’t have any solution for this remedy. In fact why will we have . In fact many of them reply me with this - "they work to earn we also work to earn so whats the difference . And they are getting two times meal isnt it enough ". 

To repair this we  don’t need any  machine for machine can only correct not heal . We need more organization , people , awareness entering into these sections. Education for these sets of people should
be given some sort of liberalization , financially.  Because when I talked to them I realized they lacked awareness. A need of education was surely pending there. To change the present generation of workers
 is almost impossible , but what is possible is to teach their children , educate them , let them remain no more oblivious to the world , people around . Let   them exploit education for healing their generation and their yet to come children. Then shall we bring a gap in this chain constituting of education.For they are also Indian and above all human beings like we you and them. Only mistake they did were they decided to born in poor family .
Thanks to Stayfree ( giving me the opportunity to speak my heart out. To bring whatever little  awareness I contain. For sharing good is in fact the only good and the only way to stay free forever . Free from destitution , violence , hatred , discrimination , superstition . 
Ending on the node with a  line cited by Charlie Chaplin in movie "the great dictator"  .... "LETS UNITE"..and....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It’s a story here at Nit….

  I study in a Nit (Nitc) reservation of 75% makes this name more audible then the national tag it has been associated with.  People out see it as a lack of opportunity we here see it as opportunity for the majority of minorities .  And this makes these Nits full of students from almost all backgrounds.  Though almost 70 % still are from more then well fed family but  those 30% constitutes the real matter within these Nits.
To mention a few , we have got  student whose father is a vegetable vendor , or someone who could not  have ever dared to dream to come here if there would not have been the initiation of Navoday Vidyalay across the nation. There even those whose parents toil hard to earn 8000rs . And there are student in realm of permanent handicap , be it inability to walk , speak clearly , spinal cord twisted unnaturally , dwarfism and many .    And yes like these we have got again millions of handicapped people and economically backward people across country  . . But the story here is different , at least in many of the cases.   And this takes  a time to know , a while to understand , a moment to ponder and make a  conclusion .
  after coming here soon I made so many friends and was fascinated by those companies which comprises of so called "dudes" here. I inevitably one among them had a way of doing subconscious classification on the basis of looks , money , rank and many most superficial qualities . And this went  on unless you spend a time or few with someone . And the times makes the "layer within" visibility always proportional to itself . And then the company changes , friend changes  , new friends are made and again with time you know them better and its during this time you know the real substance which truly makes this or that guy better then the rest , better then a thick pocket guy or wiser then nation's best school student ( not best but the most expensive schools)  .
When you know their story then I realize how shallow is my achievement in front of them . Enrolled In two year course in the most expensive institutions  , sent to kota or Hyderabad toiling all night with only those few newtons equations and then coming with the such flying colors  that  everything becomes invisible in those colors of pride . And when you meet him  studying all by himself , whose parents earn just enough to buy him few notebooks and hire few books and then coming upto here. Or him or few other who couldn’t have been here if their school education wouldn’t have been free . Or like him whom voice hardly you can understand and yes  he is here by reservation but he justifies his reservation studying all day and night when we self called intelligent guys having party outside .

Well the problem is not that we party neither they toil hard and also problem is not that they are rural or talk in a rural tone and we in super urban English vocal .  Problem is also not that they are poorer or we are rich or they cant afford as expensive  cloths , watch as ours . Problem is we apply the differential formula here as well , how can he who can just by his level of volume he speaks  decide that the other one with rural appearance is a bull shit in front of him . Problem is if he cant be as arrogant like you that doesn’t mean you will humiliate him just because you here in majority . And just because he cant speak English as well  (is master of his national language though)    doesn’t meant he is talent less.  And just because he doesn’t look that good you cant ostracize him  or just because he cant speak to you as clearly or he is a bit shy you cant be walking blind onto him .
They are here because of their talent , lets respect them . Lets not be mistaken by superficial insuffiencies .   for the unsaid words always have been the most powerful ………….

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When I enter into my 20s......

    when I enter into my 20s …..

When being logical and practical earns the  best  appreciation
But being innocent , lively  renders loneliness
 waving hands , laughing aloud , dancing in the rain is assumed childish , foolish
Love , emotions , philosophy , faith gathers  nuisance  
  and   seriousness  is considered the only good
Lies , fakes , self-obsession, self-praise  has become the only truth
Reflections , accepting mistakes , saying sorry  is a new weakness
Following the majority  subscribes the tag "unfashionable"
But a talk on cell with your parents makes you child 
Praising   your own countrymen makes  "being urban " tag vulnerable
Honesty has  lost the ranking in policies  and remained just  a policy
But  If you  say aloud "I am what I am " you are the only confident
power of fists has again defeated the intelligence , emotions .... 

And as we come at the verge of crossing this 20 … I fear all the above…..

Friday, March 2, 2012

My confessions with traveling….

Year 2005(age 13) and I could remember the first glimpse of my maiden journey to Jamshedpur to Kolkata.  I could still smell the  vicarious excitement , thrill of riding coastal-ride ,feel the pain in the neck in an attempt locate the peak of this   gigantic 28 storey building ,  eyes splitting into four before a couple kissing right there on the airport and many. 

And yes I have been one among the many who always has been excited for the thrill of travelling. But intentions are the one which differentiates my late teenage traveling with those earlier one . For that I must express my confessions with the traveling .  

This one happened on my voyage to Amritapuri (a spirituality centre , to meet on of my friend)   from my college. I could have got few company but preferred going alone. And here goes my first confession. Of course my intentions for visiting Amritapuri was to meet the people from over 60 countries there , talk to them and many. But this one dominated at least throughout the bus journey. Being a crazy srk fan always felt may be I meet my simran and  have similar co-incidences or at least some foreigner fall for me. I still remember I didn’t allow anyone to sit beside my seat , expecting some beautiful lady to take it.

And guess what something similar happened and suddenly two white ladies entered the bus and then one of them herself asked for a seat( I took it as self praise but hen I looked around there were no seat around) and I with my best welcomed her this offer. She was  Jessica melletoni  aged 20 from Sweden accompanied by her friend sitting at the back seat. And then our conversation went for another 4 hours till 2:30 am midnight. And I left myself with no queries unanswered.  Her mother was Indonesian and father Swedish.  When she heard about "Arranged marriage "  she found herself amidst the alien planet   and like that many more examples. We had few snaps even and cashews from Sweden. And while then she slept and bringing an inverted "U" on my face . Soon she almost fell on me but I couldn’t do anything (still regretting)as i could not let the India get down due to me.

The major reason I was here to clarify my bundles of my queries from these people from West . One of them being what makes them to  come for these spirituality  centers. Is this just a trend they are becoming a part of ? Do they really feel for the poorer  here that spend a considerable part of their life spending in helping here ? If this is the way we can help poorer then why not we all go to extreme of physical comforts and come out of depression to help . Either way if it’s a fake or not it helps the needy one so the purpose for them is served.   I was fortunate enough to get few of the guys sharing their experience and story behind the arrival here. The one from Brazil simply came here as a part world tour he had been undertaking. and every new celebration he would take loads of drugs , pills and this time he wanted to have a difference consequently coming here.  The one from German aged just 23 was here to gather  peace , sanity of mind sitting near the sea under the guidance of this spiritual guru "amma" . Also the less expenses made a affordable affair.   . But this French bald guy clothed in "lungi " intrigued me the most. He was only 19 and says he will be staying here throughout his life . He says he doesn’t  know the terms and definitions but  meditations, amma , simple living yet laden with love  has fascinated him more then anything . Even her mother was staying here. And when I asked did he have a girl friend he says now here I am only with my mom .  In spite of all these words he maintained a innocence on his face which  infused the crop of respect for this guy. Because at the end everyone does anything to be satisfied and there are always those  section of people who find others field itching  them.   But the best part was this place certainly had a life . People dancing with all their energy , cast , nationality , religion , poverty were all converging to a singularity.

I am the one always wishing to have adventurous journey but 1st one to escape if the reality meets the wish even tangentially. And i happened to believe in the last statement majorly because of the following incidence in my 1st visit to Cochin around midnight  I and deepraj were busy taking some snaps  lying on the road  at 12 am ,trying all the pose we could and even inventing some and suddenly a large   violent scream of police encountered us first time and we were left with no other options other then to piss in our pants . Adding to our miseries third friend left us citing the police he didn't know us. but ultimately he also was caught and screwed up like us in fact even more.

All messed up in Bangalore  --

It was 1st visit to Bangalore for 6 of us. Plan went like this ,  the 1st day would be for the national park and the night  in the city  malls and all while the following day amidst the  exhilarating water park. And it all started with a plan though I sensed the urgency of change of plans but I was still adamant with the plans. And then we reached the national and as soon our group divided into to two . Suddenly a cold disputed found its place replacing the thrill , excitement.    And I was least interested in sublimating cold war into hot one. Soon we left for the city and we all 6 were in  the night pub in one and only the pub city of India "Bangalore" . For it was the 1st experience and I was still firm not to drink. Finally I with other two left the pub got to the restaurant , had an awesome meal. Then we left for this strangely  adventurous thrilling ride to M.G road. Clock was still striking 9 30 pm. On of the auto thought for us that we are looking for our way to red light area…. And we were still ignorant of these things. But still out of excitement we decided to go and have view  by staying on the pavement , sometimes even hiding and peeping. and it looked equally adventurous though i rejected the idea of pissing this time.   And well the views were eyes boggling. We were confused if men have got the sex inversion or what . I mean there was not a single drop of attraction emerging for them albeit they tried their best. One of our friend became scared seeing them as if they were monsters and soon we left. The next morning we had to leave for water park but all three drunken guys were still sleeping till 1 pm. And finally this plan also had be put an end to.     And so to our Bangalore trip.

At 18   1st time I came out of my native place , like they said the more you maintain a distance to something , someone the nearer  it comes to you. And so is this travelling gradually piercing into my soul , hobby ,beliefs and interests. I may not be a international traveler and neither national. Just  started my voyage to this strangest and yet the only world. And the purpose remains the same , discovering that transparent thread connecting
Every race , religion , nation beliefs , thoughts and yet respecting their diverse traditions , cultures , people .  Learning few other languages  , making some friends in a island midst of pacific ocean , attend a marriage in Jerusalem , having a night camp in Amazon forests , trekking in Iceland , some romance in Paris , a visit to countries like Sudan , Zimbabwe and try finding the thread even in these  extremities ,    
even a trip to Afghanistan to know people's mind putting their own girls behinds the bars , physical torture for almost no mistakes  .
  With these hopefully I give my traveling a strong purpose  which shall fuel my interest in traveling never ceasing.

thanks to provide the opportunity to express the travel within me.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Strong reasons

I was asked once why I wanted to peruse research in physics and my reply sounded elegant , clothed with the most attractive words but was beaten in weight , truth , . And then I asked the same question to many  and listened many answering  in fact better would be to say justifying the words which just got out from their mouth a moment ago including me. I mean why someone want to be a IAS officer because he likes it  , or simply he wants to own a district , become powerful(pathetic replies which  I got from the one)  . I ask what power if we don’t know where to invest it. What higher studies if you are doing for just degree was devised centuries ago.  its like insulting ias profession or a degree.   And that’s why I found these section of people always faltering .
                and when I meet the honest replies such as "I want to earn money I want to live  and only easiest way possible I see is MBA  or a business , entrepreneurship "  makes me more affirm towards the views expressed in the 1st paragraph.  This guy from my school says he had always loved conceiving physics situations , contradictions , intrigued by E=mc^2 and now he is the one holding phd from mit on some quantum stuffs .
                and when I recapitulate  some of my past  and my experiences with different people as soon i had to vote for this "STRONG REASONS" . Because it’s the only fuel that will make us to take a initiative and to do it till the last as well.  Because this strong reason has no beginning , it’s the function of its own self and always integrating when one acts to satisfy this reason.  And like this ,  we are all in the search of this strong reason before deciding what we have to do with our lives, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. Sometimes after making  lies 100 times we realize this reason  and some times even more and still searching ( like what I am going through). And the beauty of this realization is it’s the calmest . A strong reason makes  goal even stronger  and the hard work bridges this gap with ease . And To the world it seems the hardest of the struggles , laden with failures  , greatness , miraculous , magical. But it always was as simple as that finding a "STRONG REASON"