Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why I chose to be a theist

It didn’t happen in a day . I am confident and if not its due to my weakness and I very well know that if I am the only remote control of my happiness I can with dedicated efforts make this venture feasible one  . And for this part I will not have to introduce a 3rd person or a god or an almighty  to make this possible for me. If I am to build a 10 million dollar empire or create social equity in a particular area with my work  and if I am determined for these then I may not be praying in front of god but relying all upon my dedication and If I lose its my mistake.
And if I lose always , still there's a hope within me because of only me that I can yet again bring a change , rectify further my mistakes , learn from them and give a best shot in next attempt.   

Perhaps above assumption were true only under one condition if I am the only  "I" . But the problem is I am bestowed with a wonderful family , best of the friends and few others as well and remaining humanity as well.  I , studying in nit Calicut 3000km away from parents  suddenly hear a news flash "earthquake of 7.2 rector scale hit the northern region of Bihar and some parts in west Bengal" . Then my younger brother is almost at the stage of formal education breakdown . And then there is Mumbai 26th November grievous blast revisited and so many.
I would have still preferred to be an atheist if I had not have been emotionally connected to them if the fear of death of my parents would not have shaken me a bit ,if the sullen dark clouds overcastting the future of my brother would not have bothered for me a second , if the deaths of thousands of humans would not have appeared as my own loss for the moment at least.
And hence I   am a theist for I need  this virtual pillar to hold my hand amidst all the troubles . I mean troubles which are out of my remote control . I cant control the death of my parents during an earthquake , I cant tame my brother to work sincerely for his future , I cant always stop the terrorist to enter my country . And hence I need a pillar to support by , I need a word to chant , the unseen to whom I can pray when I am in despair when people I love are in despair for I can control only mine .
May that be ,so called god or almighty  be the flask full of my own faith or trust but being a theist only  makes this flask visible .   

And it will be too arrogant of myself if I still give credit to the pillar or flask or the god  for only taking care of my  loved once , and hence it makes me a complete theist or at least till I find some other theory to defy this. 

Friday, May 11, 2012


It’s a strange story of a lad
Of all those dreams once he had

For those he gave his best try
He worked relentlessly without  a cry

For almost couple of years
Overcoming all the fears and tears

And then came the judgment  day
Only to bring him ,his maiden dismay

 but life had to go on
With acceptance that days of despair have gone

Then for  almost a year
Smile , freedom was only near

For he has now no dream
And hence the smile had to lose the gleam

Then one day his long forgotten childhood stargaze
in no time  came within  his chase

But only after a month did he realize
The emptiness has again begun to emphasize

For now he hated what is bestowed
Attraction was only  the unseen road

Finding himself amidst the loop oscillation
Of the two worlds between love and aversion

He now relates himself to this quote
"Artist  love only for second
The next hour they are bored or frustrated
For dynamic change only makes them moving"

But strangely  he had no artistic talents as well
Except this strange relation to this quote to tell…..

His plans , dreams needed lot of reconstruction
For now life has taken a halt on new junction

But one thing he concluded this birthday
That life has still to cover 3/4th of the  tray...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Freedom of mind liberty of thinking
Exemption from all the named human relations
Immune to all the emotions
Illusion is the only difference between truth and false
Expectation from others becomes senseless
Center of happiness confines within oneself
The road ahead has only one's footsteps
Permanence loses its durability
 people come people go but you remain....
with you forever....