Tuesday, May 24, 2011

when dream to reality gives a new hope...................

What if everything is a dream. Infact I just wish everything is dream. Just like being haunted by the ghost in the  dream and then suddenly I wake up and have a gr8 sigh of relief , thank god it was just a dream…… so why not carry this concept to a bigger picture.. so what happens if I failed , so what happens if don’t get into iit , so what happens if my summer holiday is being in a way I never wanted to have, so what happens if don’t get someone for whom destiny made me to wait so long ,so what happens if I made my father’s dream expectation drown,  so what happens my grand pa died suddenly ,  so what happens I didn’t talk to my sis for more then 1.5 years, so what happens if I  had so many dreams broken, so what happens if all this are absolutely true……. May be it’s all a dream , a dream which can break suddenly when I awake… when I realize it was all a dream..may be all those can still come true, may be  , may be my grandpa calls me yet again “ashish patience honi chaihye ”, may be  I could spend my summer one last time with my sister , brother , nani all family together last time, may be we are not that far soon , may be I see yet again the feel of pride happiness in father’s eyes and list goes on….there’s still a hope for all coming true in the reality , atleast some of them.. atleast  1 of them…………… 

But the problem remains where’s this coordinate system has its zero.. so that I know yes after this reality comes.. so that I know now I am awake finally with a hope that it indeed was dream.. may be I will never find that intersection of dream and reality axis and so the zero. But atleast  I have the right  to think that way atleast  and feel satisfied , yes someday everything will be fine and as I have thought of.. in doing so I am assuring atleast I m having the feeling of good and so is my present having  also a pleasant time. And at the end of the day we all wish to have a smiling face full of deep satisfaction and pure happiness. What if this concept does for me ..i hope I don’t find any flaws in this then I will have to search a new concept to make me happy and keep doing good because I just cant stay sad , never ever… because I am born to be happy , smile achieve what I wish..and I will do may be after this dream ends or sometimes in the dream too..


  1. But don't you get it? dream or reality, they are both yours... and you are the one who is supposed to control them. Smile, not because its going bad, but because soon, it will be all fine... hope is all that matters, and until you have that, nothing's too hard... :)


  3. Good... You don't always have to smile when you are happy... You can be happy when you smile too...

  4. nicely penned ...i like the positiveness in ur post


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