Tuesday, May 17, 2011

when you get a paper bak in b.tech and still you are smiling then there must something deeper then this something more logical , beautiful , elegant , true then what i can think...

Well this 10th may was something special in a way that 1st time since my start of academic career i got a proper "fail". but mind u the consequences of this is much harder then if i would have failed earlier in school life. As my almost whole summer holiday will be spent again in nit calicut. and all of my plans for 1 of the 3 long holidays of college career is spoiled........The most significant reason why this result is sometimes disturbing is the disappointment of my parents , nani and will just be for few days with my sister , brother , kishu, anurag  for 1 last time.

    And if i try to forget these then what remains is again always smiling , free ashish... And this time perhaps fortunately i have got the reason also....as i have got one more to whom i will share my nonsense etc. perhaps the special  one. and wishing for the long time.. its really strange how the god's mind work.. when u wish something , someone with so much desperation he simply makes you even more desperate and when you become hopeless or stop wishing suddenly something strikes from somewhere in god's mind and he fulfills.. well it will still take a while before i am able to understand his riddle. but anyway for now or in situation like these i just need to enjoy , love cherish god's gift......


  1. wat is dat god gift? Are u in love,i mean u know(don say i m in love wid nature n all bla bla)

  2. ok jha blah bah come on chat i will telll u

  3. o common make it public..make it large

  4. re jhauaaa araaam abhi sab cool hai......kuh nai hua....................


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