Sunday, October 23, 2011


I DIDN’T KNOW TILL  FEW HOURS AGO ABOUT , HAD NEVER HEARD ABOUT AND OFCOURSE NEVER SAW YOU.  But in a blink of the moment she has forced me to think upon it not only her but about me , my life and many more.  Of course while I am writing this because I heard some unheard urgency being cited by my intuition and I love to be tamed by  my intuition. 

Tejaswee Rao 19 jan 1991 to 11 aug 2010.          

As I was going through my usual surfing of blogs I came across Tejaswee's mother's  blog ( and from their I managed to land on tejaswee's blog (last post being on 29th july) .     
And just by reading blogs I know many will offend saying " isnt it too early to get inspired"  . My answer will be intuition believes in nanoseconds .
 And the very 1st post ( of her was remarkable revealing all her innocence , truthfulness , rare one of her age to show eagerness awareness towards poor  and vey confident at adopting a daughter will surely make your eyes wet once. And when you do a extra search by seeing the comments by her close ones and her impact on them you will get know what "gold" we have lost. Her charming beautiful face through the instant photographs taken aptly depicts her innocence. And seriously I have rarely came across innocence faces means the moment you see them you feel the brightness in them . And these innocence faces are mostly behind some of the hugest achievement of the mankind.  And seriously she was so loving and lovable as well. 
Hereby I am proud to be going through her blogs and seriously some part of myself( atleast of this moment) must  not be complete without this.  You have inspired me for this moment and my moment makes my life. Thank you
Rest in peace "TEJASWEE RAO"

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