Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rain - the temporary connection to .....

today i happened to go for a walk after a long gap but the love of rain caught me again....and all i could do was to sit on the floor of the corridor see its raining sometimes heavily and  sometimes "haule haule "
 and i suddenly started typing some words on cell in the "notes" ......

sitting on the floor of the corridor
in front of its raining vigour
thoughts still like trees
started walking (fortunately had umbrella)
drops of imagination trying to fall upon the skull
but the umbrella had the resistance to offer
drops of water destroying apart
but with the satisfaction its life proved worth
grasses , leaves air rediscovering its lost elegance
even the artificial cemented road
humbly thanks the rain
finally weights to bear has fall
she got the courage to dance
to defy her worldly  , shyness ,fears
 spread her arms and accept the warmth
soul has got its transparency back
because its raining because its raining

suddenly the rain stopped
, umbrella folded down and imagination
yes imagination of tomorrow's lab again overshadowed my mind
and made me realize
soul is still deep inside the  abyss.
( guys seriously its not the attempt to write a poem i know i am too bad at it..............)


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