Sunday, October 16, 2011

when we raised above caste, religion came , when we raised above religion our state came……

the purpose of writing is not to arise any kind of statism nor any other kind of discrimination but to accept the fact it really exists and how long we " self proclaimed educated, patriotic , well mannered cultured people" continue doing this.
i recently came across the write up  by famous critically acclaimed directors of our time Prakash jha   " Bihar is to India what  India is to West". and it truly inspired me to raise my voice adding my personal , friends , college experience to it.
i am from patna , bihar.   and i wont add india to my address as 1st i seek that our state gets it worth.  its neither statism nor any kind of discrimination because i know i am an indian first. but what its worth when wherever (outside state) you go they ask for your state and mostly it leaves a very negative impression and  we are not remembered for our name but for being tagged "bihari"  ( ofcourse leavin aside excpetional talents)
we want our india to grow develop and prosper how can it be when you leave one state that is  a mass of 9 crore people certainly its not possible.
last year i had been to kochi and there i committed mistake of getting posed for the pic at about 11:30 pm on main road . we were 3 friends from bihar. as we know rules are so strict in kochi , street police had to interfere in between and he at once guessed that we are from bihar only . as they had already set their negative notions to bihari people.  yes we did mistake but i ask what those 9 crores minus 3 people do that you are blaming such large community as large as many European countries in terms of population.  not this alone  , many times you get to hear people making mocks of bihari people. these people even being troubled for getting into professional newtworks .i ask how dare they call themselves educated if they could this so cheap discrimination.

you take the case of bihari people being harassed in Maharashtra , it was surely utter nonsense. how can we blame such a large community on the basis of some wrong people belonging from there. criminals are everywhere and criminals are not a state they are individual . bihar produce far more goods then few bads. yes we agree some of these guys have done such that state name is ought to go  down. and many of the times bihari people are caught victim atleast till recent past.yes we had been suffering for long due 15 years reign of awry government. yes bihar is one of the poorest and most illeterate and till few years before hub for crime activites.. but that doesnt mean bihari people are to be left at themselves. "Bihari" doesnt mean negative in any sense.we all need help to prosper. . you can never prosper as a whole if your one leg is always pulled in opposite direction. same is with our country. but we call ourselves literate ,educated once. so lets prove our education and its worth. lets charge against the wrong one wrong people . lets change ourselves lets change bihar lets change india as  now a lot has changed with the arrival of nitish kumar. he is really doing some damn good works.

lets change our ill-thoughts , narrow mindedness and respect everyone as an individual not by his state, caste and religion,lets come to bihar undrstand its problem and try resolving it. We as india have a long way to go ,long way to excel , long way to  show to the world india is at par with you all . and this can be done when we treat each of our people on  the same ground . that is good or bad , positive and negative and so on. Amen


  1. ashis, 4 others things wil remain sam untl n unls we Biharis mak eforts. n th only thng 2 do is,whrever we go shud kep in mind tat we stil reprsnt frm whre we hv com ....our home state "our BIHAR"........:)


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