Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why we always fail to convert our words , thoughts to reality

 I guess there are around thousands of blogs , millions of books , articles , media being written on so many social , economical , educational , ethical issues and so are the billions of readers going through all these write ups. Why we fail to realize the significance of "be in the moment" and just remain in those beautiful , inspiring peace of write ups  only till writing or reading it. It’s the case with everyone ( most of the people I mean) everywhere , everytime. Suddenly we take anna hazare to the peak in the next moment world cup comes and dhoni regains the peak then again we all sympathies with hundreds dying in bomb blast and then again get busy with our favorite movies then again raise our voice against corruption and  then trying to aquire inspiration from late Steve jobs and  so on flowing tirelessly with  this winds of news.

I was watching star news last Sunday when I came across a really violent and agitated  man shouting like a true patriotic leader and raising his voice against corruption and supporting anna hazare and baba ramdev infact it was a crowd of hundreds of people. But then that night there was also India -England match and many among became busy in celebrating India's win after a long run .

We  all know that words have got great power but let this power be with few and rest try proving the words correct or speak after work is done  else when everyone starts speaking it only creates the noise.
Reason what I understand from my limited i.q.  Is that words when are only superficially invoked is the cause of temporary excitement  , inspiration , patriotism. Unless we are not able to associate our self with the problem we cant ever solve it physically and yes verbally we all can do it like I am currently..( as many can perceive in the same way after reading this.)  

Irony of the situation demands strong change , a strong physical change accompanied by powerful words . Well taking our country for now only in account in fact  taking my state only , it demands change powered with hope to millions still waiting to live again and march ahead in their life ever since it came to halt , (for many it was since birth.) Well in recent days I have came across so many bright people ,students  their blogs ,  and many even have already indulged themselves to see the change.

Why cant we then. Lets think something and try and implement it with all our hearts , whatever we can do , whatever we can give , whatever new we can invent , produce with  all hearts our into physical reality.  god has always given some people more and expect from them to even it out before they come out of this world. And we are those few people , so lets find , search , invent , discover , give , help , and see the change because may be next time we shall be other end.
Would like to end with  this popular quote
Someone has rightly said "be the change you wish to see the change"


  1. beautifully written with a true message.. n yeah, i do hope people who do read it will be a left with a mild echo somewhere inside.... . .
    "that if u want the change,.. be the change... . . "

  2. well someone read it.........i am really glad...these days wen i know college studies sucks all i am remain with is these blogs ........
    thnx for lyking it


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