Saturday, December 10, 2011

2 faces of a coin

Every time around my intuition or to say my subconscious keeps giving me hint or a better way to say would be a  satisfactory  explanation of so many things happening around. This time guess what 1 rupee coin has inspired me to give a deeper thought to it. I know a lot of time this pair of faces of coin has got its name in books , speeches , poetry , memoirs and many  others for comparisions. May be at the end u will find I am just adding one more to this list and may be not (like me and XYZ)

 as I see me I see two ashish . As I see my some of my closest friends and with the proper spectrometer fit into my  eyes I see two individuals . As I see my brother , sister and let them pass through prism I see them splitting into two. And mostly these two faces are complementary just like you cant have a coin with two heads or 2 tails. You need to have both to make it a coin. One face which has its origin right from its birth , it’s the most natural and purest while the  other face is continuously evolving to make him a more developed person. The other face is being developed to win the race , to reach the mountain , to face the world.Ofcourse sometimes just like the electromagnetic rays spectra one face is dominant while other being less.

 The best would be to consider a person named "XYZ" and take his example in detail. And its not at all fictitious.
He had always been the most careless , free , no meaning whatsoever to his surrounding , no news of the world , he is into his own world always enjoying , laughing , smiling and  though not expressing love the closest to him know he loves also as he smiles. He is the laziest , sometimes even cry when alone , aims too big and wishes to do everything he is attracted to without any inch of shame and more.

But as grows he sees the world , observes the people around and gradually he comes to know few things about  life and its  goals and people here are not so simple. There are lots twists and turns . Everything spiral and curved . And in the process he starts thinking and acquiring all those traits which he has not . And since these are acquired he rarely gains perfection over these. And soon XYZ becomes more careful , a little shy of people , a little conscious of what others may think or say , loses his laziness to some extent as he knows the significance of swiftness .and hence he ends up escaping so many crimes and even great works. And to the world it seems as XYZ has become more matured and responsible. 
But to the core of himself XYZ knows he is still the happiest and at peace when he is at its natural state and that’s why whenever coin is tossed he chooses one either head or tail according to his natural state.


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  2. well its life,at times you need to be diplomatic,coz if everytime u come out originally,then u will find yourself alone in college (can be generalised) saying 2,u restricted something,actually their are many with certain probabilities,and the situation says which one is going to act (this is quantum,well no one understand quantum so forget it..)their are people who appear fake for self benefit,and their are some who appear fake coz to ease someone (for happiness),if u belong to later,i assure u god must be proud of u...:)

  3. Deepraj precisely its not diplomacy, its what involuntry.. it comes from within... and ya ashish though i m reading ur post aftr long time may be i read ur first related to iit and jee and second the shell one but ... this one is superb..

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  5. kya bol rahe hooo..deepraj i think u r drunk now.. i have included thats y 2nd face of the coin which aquires from the develop to face the world.. i m wat i m these all are so cheap now days....if someone says that then surely he isnt

  6. you are right............everything has got pros and cons and so do our facia scene will suggest that you are right but when you try to explore it....deeper you go deeper will be your confusion. jis tarah har sikke ke do chehre hote hai usi prakaar har karm ke do pahalu hotey it better to concentrate on right one and have the road that one is less travelled and best of luck for your have presented yourself in impeccable way.....keep it up...

  7. really a very intelligent topic and a far more realistic approach of writing............were u writing diaries earlier.......because one can't write so astutely if he/she hasn't a habit of writing.........very judicious selection of words.......

  8. diary i write but very rarely atleast in these years....but yes inspired by my one of my teachers sometimes i simply think...and rest comesin mind...

  9. nice one...each one has its think most dont think.of it
    ...!!! so deepraj are also right ..we have to synchronize because none of the theories exist are there always chance of modification and change...thus the progress is counted..!!!
    and at last...time is the factor which shows...which face of the coin you are going to show...!!!!!


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