Friday, December 16, 2011

So many roads still they see just a narrow line

Its what I concluded when tried conversing with the previous generation . Many times these conversation got sublimated into violent arguments which has only one way to end , "ashish stop the nonsense and get lost".
What I concluded from these so many incidences our parents missed the technologies so desperately. Though they might have never felt that just like an ant living inside a hole has all its world confined to hole only can never know what other insect may think and do and live. (some may ask why don’t I blame these ant , my logic is they don’t interfere into another  world , they live only what they know so let them)  .

Term "technology"  , I am trying to use just as a example which is one out of infinitely many to make my point clearer. Technology gave us internet , mobile phones , television , radio and so many sources of  raw information. And now we being humans used are intellect and ethics to mould this raw information into valuable and some to not so valuable knowledge.  Atleast when I was In class 8th I knew so many things going around like riots due to religion , caste , love marriage , arrange marriage , Einstein and lalu prasad yadav . By the time I was in 12th I became wiser ( with respect to myself ofcourse) and I came to know  so many things going around the world right from the hub of brothels to hub of makka , Vivekananda to Osama bin laden , higher studies in us to world's favorite destinations, sex ,addictions , lust , politics and many. By the time I became a 2nd year undergraduate student I could now chose what I want to do from any among the above and yet continue my grasp of raw information.
And when I think about parents and many elderly teachers even ,   I see them marching  ahead in a very narrow confined tunnel consisting of engineering , marks , pointer , arrange marriage , same caste utmost important , earn money , money and so many diverse things . And If my domain object these then  I have to be the victim of their words , actions and and end ruining my life unless I am another einstein or dhiru ambani.  And the reason being when I  , in my childhood was playing vedio games , watching tv they were stuck to their books , family , food , and superstitions while  girls especially  to god , god or god. So they have to be ignorant.  And what they argue with their "sole tool experience"
."child you inexperience , you have not seen the world so keep shut" :( ...

I have always believed that you are not great if you are doing correct things without knowing the wrong one unless you are aware of the both and decide by your consciousness and do correct. And it’s the case with majority of middle class indian parents and and it increases by manifolds if you go to rural india.

So basically these gen-previous are already ripen so we cant expect them to change other then be rotten. What good is gen-next has got the hope for bringing the change to our country. And knowing that everything has its own positive and negative and we have to choose which has got positive on its majority side.
Lets hope for the best.


  1. Gud one.....
    At last jo hota hai aacha hii hota hai.....:D

  2. Now u hav written the viewpoint as far as your age allows u to write. In some parts u seem to be logical but in others u r quite critical. It’s easy to criticize our parents becoz they don’t appear to be on the same wavelength but that doesn’t mean, they don’t understand us; the thing is that their conservative upbringings & the social framework are their reference point for making any decision. We term the difference of perspectives with our parents as their indifference & their slow pace in matching with the ever changing world. What we fail to understand is that it’s difficult for them also still they try to adapt themselves with the ever growing demands of the next gen. Try to spend sometime wid ur parents n ask them how they spent their childhood n what were their aspirations n compare that wid your growing period. I might be sounding taking sides of the previous gen but u know I m at a stage where I can be at both sides. I hav my disagreements wid my parents n at times I am able to convince them my viewpoint sometimes not; but at end of the day, I understand that they always try to give us what they didn’t get n also that their responsibilities never let them enjoy the life as we wish to enjoy. May be at ur level u r right but u can’t be totally correct becoz maturity still counts, u hav knowledge but do u understand the repercussions of all ur actions. When we are single we only think of ourselves but that’s not same in case of parents. The gen war is the age old conflict n it’s not going to end becoz that’s life. Enjoy life as it is n try not to be so serious, things change wid time. I m sorry for being so philosophical………….

  3. yess everyone has got their on view and perceptions...better i convert these two works....thnx for ur must have taken a while to write this long


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