Friday, December 9, 2011

Experience doesn’t guarantee maturity

If really the quantity of experience could unlock the doors of maturity then what could happen. Lets try conceiving its consequences.
I would always have put an end to any argument related to my carelessness , even studies just by reminding my opposition that let time come and my experience increase , I will definitely overcome these. A 25 year old Nobel laureate would not have been so.   Intelligence might not have got its worth. Speed would have lost its charm. Young talents would have rare meanings. And so many waiting on the list.
Fortunately  the title of this post is correct and we don’t have to live with all the above consequences which seem to contradict almost all the possible day to day common thoughts.  And those which don’t come within that "almost" is the reason behind my writing this post.
My grandparents , parents and many guardians still  using their loud roar of their long experience to shut my mouth in every argument that arises thinking  they are always  correct just because they are double or triple of our age.  Consequently still our sister fear come out of their prolonged meaningless boundaries set by our ancestor. We are still forced to become blind to any different  career other then mba , , medicals and few others(of  course we have got exceptions infact these days atleast the new upcoming generation is becoming resistant to these superstitions) , still in many families meaningless tensions , calamities keep occurring , a man who was born to be next Einstein ends up being super intelligent bargainer while shopping roaming around his wife , a girl who was meant to be next aurundhiti roy ends being the pride of a "thakur family"(what pride let their family member understand only) and you all can think of many , I guess...
What my question is what's  the point of gaining experiences in heaps and bound just by consuming kilos of rice if you don’t mind looking back at you and not able to learn from those experiences to deliver a change to long rusted thoughts of yourself. And that’s the point which I wanted to make simply gaining experience don’t guarantee maturity because maturity demands extra effort and it doesn’t come for free. We have to be learning every moment to become mature and be able to exploit the fullest of our experiences.
Fortunately gen next that is our generation seem to be more smart in this case and that’s the hope for upcoming healthy society. Lets open our eyes and show our elders and many more that maturity counts and not the experience. They will believe only when they will see the result and results we have to conceive for then only we will be released of the captive thoughts and actions of our parents and elders. ( well this is for many like me and I know for many this is is not the case) 

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  2. well thats the problem with me. when i start writing i write everything that comes to my mind in that microsecond and in the process many times i deviate from the title..
    anyway the title of this post was simply for many people who consider themselves to be experienced and consequently more matured automatically including my parent , some teachers and many and hence forcing their children , students do whatever they feel it to be write or correct. what i meant was that how u mature if u dont learn from ur experience and exactly is the same case with many of my elders.they are still living in 70s or 80s and being superstitious and yet thinking they are matured....

  3. I m totally at awe by reading your wonderful post...... How beautifully u have dealt the day to day turbulence and the strains of a typical middle class family.......and yes u have very thoughtfully written the struggle of gen next with the old school of thoughts.........but I m a little confused of ur using a specific surname in ur post.............

  4. u reminded me of a story in sanskrit book about ashtavakra...the best part wen in the last u admitted that it may not be the case wid everyone.....i feel that something big is going to happen...:)
    gud luck...


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