Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Difference - a different take on this

Religious people say everything is made out of god , physicist say everything  has come out of pure energy and like that different diverse of people have different take on this. And for a common man like me it these all always seem a mile ahead of our thinking ability.
What I wonder is upon is on the word "difference"  . It’s the magnitude of this word that makes all the above theory correct or wrong. A minor difference leading to major difference. A small habit becoming a character. A small set of protons creating altogether a different universe. A second passed away makes the present a past and future to present.  A small different view resulting in so many groups , casts , state and country.
So what is worth noticing  down the line is , everything , every thought , everyone , every moment , every community , every religion are trying to stabilize their position but the margin is small. The all are hanging on along limiting radius of different difference. All trying to claim their concentric radii . And ignorantly ignoring the truth that , the centre is all same. Whatever distance we go we all are bound  to be the part of the same centre. And as we go more far from the centre and fix are orbit  we are more bound to see more and more differences  around ourselves.
And the result is the divided world , country , state , family , people  , religion. We all tend to associate ourselves with different differences. So lets try opening our eyes and if not the centre we can be part of more then one concentric circles..


  1. That was a wonderful post. I wonder how you have bought the concept of concentric circles into your post. :-)

  2. i too dont know.. when i start writing i too dont know what the end may be..intuition is what i keep following till the n of my any post...
    still thnx for liking my post ranjith....


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